The Mother Goose Club Gang

The Mother Goose Club Gang in their live-action forms

The Mother Goose Club Gang are one of Carrie Underwood's henchmen. They are a rival of The Father Lion League Gang.


Teddy Bear

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Teddy is the sun bear of the Mother Goose Club, the big-hearted big sister with a lot of love for her Mother Goose pals and her friends at home. She enjoys initiating games and songs, inviting everyone to play along. Friendly and fun-loving, Teddy often makes her friends laugh with her silliness, cracking herself up in the process.

Eep the Mouse

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The youngest of the Mother Goose gang, Eep, is a cheerful little mouse who looks up to the older characters and follows their lead. Although a bit shy, Eep is energetic, fun-loving and always ready for an adventure. When feeling especially mischievous, Eep will flash a playful side smile and squeak, "Eep eep".

Baa Baa Sheep

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Baa Baa is a super bubbly sheep who loves to ham it up when she sings. Vivacious and cute, Baa Baa always has a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. A bit of a ha ha guy , Baa Baa’s dancing is big and silly, and she loves to laugh her big belly laugh, "baa haahaa!"

Mary Quite Contrary

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Mary is cool, confident, and a bit sassy. She’s really high energy and she loves to dance big time. She has a mischievous side and may hatch a plan or two to get a laugh. She may get a little fussy from time to time. Let’s face it; she’s quite contrary. But she springs back quickly to her regular quirky self.

Jack B. Nimble

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Jack is an energetic boy of the Mother Goose Club. He’s nimble, he’s quick, and on occasion, he may find himself jumping over a candlestick. He loves to jump, spin, and tumble. Jack is a bit of a clown, and likes to tell jokes for Eep and act goofy.

Little Bo Peep

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Little Bo Peep is graceful, affectionate, and sweet. Gentle and kind, she adores animals of all kinds, especially sheep! She loves to sing and dance with her friends, but also likes to spend her days frolicking with her sheep and day dreaming.


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