Ico (イコ Iko, pronounced "ee-co") is the main protagonist of the game named after him. He is a young boy born with large horns. He is one of the main characters of MYCUN.



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Ico is the latest victim of a mysterious curse, manifested in two large horns growing from his head. Any misfortune that befalls Ico's home village is blamed on him, dooming him to a life of alienation. On his twelfth birthday, a handful of horsemen take him in shackles to a mysterious castle and place him in a coffin to starve, hoping his immurement will rid the village of trouble.

A tremor, however, shakes Ico's coffin from its ledge; his casket breaks open on the floor, freeing him but knocking him out momentarily. While unconscious, Ico experiences a vision of a spiked cage overflowing with a dark shadowy energy. When he awakens and explores the castle, he quickly finds his vision to be much more than a dream. Inside the cage is Yorda, an ethereal and delicate young girl, trapped by her mother in the cage. Ico presently frees her, alerting the minions of the castle to rise from the floors to recapture Yorda. When Ico fights the creatures off, and when Yorda uses her abilities to open the way forward, it quickly becomes apparent that the two need to work together if they want to escape their prison.

The Queen and her shadow creatures thwart Ico's progress, and eventually Ico becomes separated from Yorda just as freedom seems certain. Ico is forced back into the bowels of the castle, eventually gaining a mysterious sword that will allow him to open the Idol Gates that only Yorda could open previously. In a final confrontation with the Queen herself, Ico manages to overcome the Queen's defenses and kill her with the sword; he brutally loses both his horns during and after the fight, blacking out as the castle comes apart around him.

He wakes up on a boat that has found its way to a beach. Walking down the shoreline, he discovers Yorda and the pair are reunited.


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Ico appeared as a 12 year old boy with large horns on his head. He is very strong and brave, using it's power to defeat the Queen and the shadow creatures and save the kingdom for God.


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