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Greenuts 3: Shape Revolution is a 2010 American 3D computer-animated comedy film, and the third installment in the Greenuts series and the sequel to the 2007 film Greenuts 2. It was produced by Lix Animation Digital and distributed by Paramount Pictures. The film features the voices of Dave Foley, Neil Patrick Harris, John Cleese, David Ogden Stiers, Drew Barrymore, Stanley Tucci, Max Casella, Martin Short, Isla Fisher, Wendie Malick, Seth Green, and Jake Sharratt. The film was released in theaters on July 16, 2010.


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Following the success of Greenuts 2 in November 2007, Lix Animation Digital had begun developing Greenuts 3, but Jake Sharratt is not returning to direct the film. Instead, he would be acting as a producer. By January 2008, a release date for Greenuts 3 had been set for 2010 before production on the sequel had begun.

In October 2008, Lix announced they began production of the film under the title Greenuts 3: Planet of the Shapes and it was a pun on the 1968 film Planet of the Apes. In August 2009, the film was retitled to Greenuts 3: Shape Revolution.


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Greenuts 3: Shape Revolution was released in the United States and Canada on July 16, 2010. The film was released on DVD and Blu-ray on December 5, 2010.


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A fourth installment, titled Greenuts: A New Beginning, was released on July 24, 2015.