Geo (also known as Geo the Creature) is a media franchise created by George G. in 1966. It takes place in the fictional city/neighborhood of Basopolis. It chronicles the life of the title character, the creature Geo, his brother Reo and their mother, a teenage girl named Claire Jones. It is owned by Geo LTD., a subsidiary of NBCUniversal, and it is one of Geo LTD's most popular franchises of all time.

In 2015, Robert Mike Slave was inspired by Geo G.'s Geo the Creature, and created Bobby the Creature. Geo G. said that Bobby the Creature should appear in the Geo series, so Robert agreed.


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Other media

Direct-to-video films

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Theatrical films

A feature-length animated film based on the Geo series, Geo's Funny Book Stories, was released on June 15, 1973. It was directed by George G. It was the first film by Geo LTD. The film went on to gross $82 million worldwide in theaters, making it a box-office hit while produced on a modest $85 million budget. The film was the high-grossing film of 1973.

A second Geo film, Geo: The Greatest Movie Ever, was released on September 13, 2002. It was directed by Geo G. and Steve Samono, and produced by Adam Hargreaves. It received critical acclaim and was a box office success, gaining $357,465,244 worldwide. It became the highest-grossing Geo LTD. film. The film was also a critical success by both fans and critics, with most critics praising it's storyline and humor.

In June 2009, Geo LTD. announced that a new Geo film is in the works. The film, simply titled Geo, was released on October 4, 2013 to generally positive reviews, and grossed $463 million on a budget of $383 million.

A sequel, titled Geo 2, was released on October 2, 2015 with the same cast and crew. The sequel follows Geo, Reo, Claire, and the gang getting sucked in a time machine and lead to the year 2067, and they met the future versions of Geo, Reo, Claire and the gang. Tobo, a villain, is planning to take over the world and destroy everything. Meanwhile, Gree wanted to destroy people in Basopolis and rule the world and changes to Gree T-1000 disguised as the one-eyed red bodied monster, and he laughed evil, with supreme ultimate evil powers. It's up to Geo, Reo, Claire and the future versions of them to save the future and stop Tobo before they find the time machine to go home.

In November 2015, Universal Studios announced that Geo 3 will be released on October 26, 2018 (now September 7, 2018).


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Video games

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Comic book

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Theme park attractions

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Geo filmography

Television series

Series number Title Broadcast run Original channel # of episodes # of seasons
1 Geo: The Animated Series 1985–99 CBS, Syndication, Fox Kids, Geoshea Television Network 276 episodes 15
2 Geo City 2003–10 Cartoon Network TBD 7
3 The Geo the Creature Show 2016 Netflix TBA 1

Theatrical films

# Title Release date Budget Gross RT IMDb
1 Geo's Funny Book Stories June 15, 1973 $85 million $745 million 99% 8.2
2 Geo: The Greatest Movie Ever September 13, 2002 $60 million $843 million 58% 7.1
3 Geo October 4, 2013 $383 million $334 million 64% 8.4
4 Geo 2 October 2, 2015
5 Geo 3 September 7, 2018

Short films

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Television specials and telefilms

# Title Release date
1 Geo Goes Sailing June 3, 1975
2 Where's Geo? February 11, 1979
3 Geo Goes Hollywood October 14, 1984
4 Geo in Paradise July 4, 1985
5 Geo Goes Safari August 12, 1986
6 Geo Saves the World! April 13, 1987
7 Geo's Halloween October 29, 1987
8 Geo vs. Gree May 6, 1988
9 A Geo Christmas November 18, 2014
10 Geo and the Wacky Pack May 2016

Direct-to-video films

# Title Release date
1 Geo's College September 16, 1999
2 Geo: To Be or Not To Be! July 12, 2000
3 Geo Lost in Game World October 26, 2001
4 Geo in the B.C May 22, 2002
5 Geo: Gree Strikes Back February 15, 2003
6 Geo: Crazy Fun! June 4, 2003
7 Geo: The Longest Night November 22, 2004
8 Geo: Hit the Road! April 16, 2005
9 Geo Shrinks June 22, 2006
10 Geo: The Musical September 3, 2006
11 Geo and the Legend of the Shadow Creature May 19, 2007
12 Geo's Creature Mayhem August 7, 2008
13 Geo: The Return of Gree and Other Stories January 14, 2009
14 Camp Geo June 2, 2010
15 Geo: Double Trouble! October 14, 2011
16 Geo in Space July 22, 2012
17 Geo: World Tour August 13, 2013
18 Ooh La La, Geo! August 2, 2014
19 Geo: Rock & Roll! August 11, 2015

Stage plays

# Title Release date
1 Geo Live! 2008
2 Geo Live! Creature Adventure 2012

Reception and legacy

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