The Austin Magic Pistol in real life.

Gabriel Garza: The Austin Magic Pistol! You know, it was a banned toy gun in the late 1940s that was taken off in the market because the fireball that this toy created was so dangerous!
Red Puckett: Oh, it's one of these toys that were banned because it will harm you or something!

Gabriel and Red about the Austin Magic Pistol

The Austin Magic Pistol (simply referred to as Magic Pistol) was a toy gun in the late 1940s where many people could actually do a bit of real-world violence with it as well. The Magic Pistol was sometimes known as the Ping-Pong Blaster. It used calcium carbide, a chemical that undergoes a huge explosive reaction when mixed with water, to propel ping-pong balls out of the muzzle at a terrifying rate of speed. The fireball that this toy created was so dangerous that they were rapidly taken off the market. The Magic Pistol also appeared in the MYCUN film franchise as one of Gabriel's two main weapons (along with Gabriel's Magic Sword).

The Magic Pistol made its first MYCUN appearance in MYCUN, which is the first film in the series, where Gabriel found it on the floor during the first battle for Carrie Underwood and her minions.



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